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Mississauga Long Term Care Facility – What we do

Mississauga Long Term Care Facility provides services to clients who require facility-based long-term care. We are an accredited facility with all applicable government legislation and through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Standards. Mississauga Long Term Care is a welcoming and supportive environment, located in the well-known town of Port Credit, in a quiet residential neighbourhood, one block from the Credit River and minutes to Lake Ontario.

Under the management of Novak Bajin and his team, since 1974, this established home believes in holistic emphasis on individualized care that meets the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual requirements and needs of each resident. Home to 41 residents, our home-like atmosphere and resident focused care has been created by top notch, happy and dedicated staff. Low employee turnover has contributed to strong staff-resident relations, and a vibrant Residents Council. We are a place to offer the best of care and peace of mind in a personal environment with the same familiar caregivers. We invite you to tour our home and experience the difference that we bring to the quality of life for those we serve. We are here for you and your loved ones.

Mississauga Long Term Care Facility has a central air conditioning system throughout the building. Numerous resident bedrooms have supplemental window air conditioning units installed. This supplemental window air conditioning is available for all residents bedrooms and is installed as per residents/family members preference regarding their comfort level. All residents’ bedrooms will however be maintained below 26ºC at all times.



Great personal care from the PSWs and all the staff. A well maintained facility.
From our 2011 Satisfaction Survey
From our 2011 Satisfaction SurveyJanuary 8, 2016
“Simply continuing at the high level of care you have provided so far.”
John DaFamily Satisfaction Survey Comment (2021)oe
John DaFamily Satisfaction Survey Comment (2021)oe September 28, 2021
“Special thanks to the entire team at MLTC. You’ve all done an amazing job. Our family is so grateful that GB has been in your care, especially throughout 2020. You’ve kept us in the loop throughout this pandemic and kept her safe and comfortable…” – December 2020
     Thanks to MLTC Staff!
Thanks to MLTC Staff! Family Member February 27, 2021


Mississauga Long Term Care Facility Inc. is the primary home for its residents and is operated as a home where our residents live with dignity, security,



The Mississauga Long Term Care Facility is pleased and very proud of our excellent name in the community and we endeavor to maintain this reputation.



Each year many important policy decisions, administrative, regulatory, and quality improvement actions, funding changes and executive and legislative proposals…