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Recreational Programs

Mississauga Long Term Care Facility offers a range of unique programs and activities selected based on our residents interests, abilities, and diverse needs.

Being active in both a physical and social sense is important at all ages. We strive to keep our residents stimulated in a variety of ways to increase their quality of life. Embracing the mind, body and spirit, our activity calendar has a variety of events that cater to our residents needs and wants.

In order to make the transition process easier, we encourage our residents to participate in various programs to meet other seniors like themselves. This is a fun and engaging process that often eases tensions of moving to a new home. With the focus on having our residents engage in familiar past times, such as playing cards, singing, or watching classic movies, we introduce various exercise programs and history programs to stimulate their bodies and minds. Our goal is for our residents to recall past experiences and enjoy partaking in new ones.

Understanding that our residents come from a variety of backgrounds and are at different stages of cognition and physical abilities, we work towards activities that can engage everyone at every skill level.

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