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Continuous Quality Improvement

Mississauga Long Term Care recognizes that quality in care requires efforts from all who serve our resident population and we are committed to continuous quality improvement (CQI). In an effort to continue to provide the best quality of care for our residents, MLTC has identified 4 priority areas to focus on for the fiscal year 2022/2023.

The priority areas identified are: infection prevention (decrease in urinary tract infections (UTI)), skin and wound (prevention of ulcers deteriorating to the next stage), falls prevention (decrease in falls), and pain management (identifying and treating pain). Aside from the aforementioned priority areas, MLTC continues to work towards strengthening other quality indicators within all departments, which include nursing and personal care, housekeeping and laundry, quality of food and the dining experience and all other aspects that contribute to quality care.

We have expanded our continuous quality improvement committee to identify areas for improvement, develop policies, procedures and processes to improve, monitor and measure progress and analyze and communicate outcomes. The CQI team is made up of the leadership members and led by Irene Iftymi, Acting Administrator and Nadine Leslie, RAI-MDS Coordinator/Activation Lead. The CQI committee meets on a regular basis. Ongoing communication exists between the CQI committee, frontline workers, and all other members of the team, as quality improvement is a team effort.

Processes and Measures:

Processes used to monitor and measure progress include analysis of RAI-MDS QI data, analysis of data collection on MedeCare, fluid and nutritional intake, incontinence rates, number of staff who attended/completed education, and collection and analysis of quantity and quality of all applicable assessments. The CQI team will meet, at a minimum, of on a monthly basis. Each respective department’s lead will bring forward their analysis of the data for discussion and identification and adjustment requirements. The outcomes will be communicated by placing relevant information on a CQI bulletin board.