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Dietary Services

Food is such an integral part of our residents daily routine and often one of the main activities that our residents look forward too. With this in mind, we work towards providing a home like, pleasurable dining experience, catering to our residents individual needs and preferences.

With all food being prepared on site, we pride ourselves in our homemade meals, soups and desserts. Our cooks have a passion for delivering high quality, delicious and nutritious meals to meet all the sensory stimulations of our residents and providing them with optimal nutritional health status.

We have both a Registered Dietitian and Food Service Manager as part of our team to ensure quality nutritional care, assess and monitor residents at nutritional risk, and ensure smooth operation of the dining experience.

On a daily basis, residents receive three meals a day and three snacks in between meals. Residents are given a choice of two meals and desserts at lunch and dinner as well as alternate starches at breakfast. We cater for many diet types including vegetarian, lactose free, restricted fat diets, diabetic diets, and renal diets. We also provide meals in various textures to meet the abilities of our residents. There is no additional cost for meals at our facility for our residents as food is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The menu is developed in-house and is modified twice yearly in the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter with input from residents. The final menu is approved by the Residents Council at the home and menus, meal and snack times and dining services are discussed at every Residents Council meeting to address menu and dietary concerns, make suggestions for specific changes to the menu or dining service and to provide input for resident choice meals.

Click here to view a Sample Menu.